The subclass 445 visa is a temporary visa that allows a child to travel to and from or stay in Australia until their parent’s permanent Partner visa is finalized. This visa is required if the child is to be added to a permanent Partner visa application after a temporary Partner visa has been granted to their parent.

A child may be eligible for this visa if their parent holds a temporary Partner visa (Subclass 309 or 820), and if they are sponsored by the same person who sponsored their parent. The child must also be single, and either under 18, or financially dependent on their parent.

This visa allows the child to travel to and from, or stay in Australia with their parents until a decision is made on the parent’s permanent visa application. It also allows them to work and study in Australia, and enrol in Medicare.

The child will still need to apply for a permanent Partner visa before a decision is made about the parent’s application.

Please refer to the immigration official website for visa application charges.

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