300 Visa: Prospective Marriage Fiancé

This subclass 300 visa is a temporary visa for those who would like to bring their fiancé (prospective spouse) to Australia, and marry them within the visa’s nine month validity period.

Who Is Eligible For The 300 Visa?

This is a temporary visa which lasts only for nine months from date of grant of the visa. The sponsor and their fiancé must be married within this time.

The fiancé or prospective spouse must be outside of Australia when they lodge the application. In most cases, they will also need to be outside of Australia when the visa is granted.

The sponsor must be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

What Are The Other Requirements Of The 300 Visa?

An overseas prospective spouse must:

  • Prove they intend to marry and live as husband or wife with their prospective spouse
  • Be sponsored by the prospective spouse
  • Know the prospective spouse and have met in person
  • Meet health, age and character requirements

An overseas prospective spouse must also have no outstanding debts to the Australian government, or have arranged to repay those debts before a visa can be granted.

There are also requirements for the sponsor. Other than citizenship and age requirements, the sponsor also cannot:

  • Have been a sponsor for a successful partner or a spouse application in the past five years
  • Have previously sponsored more than one successful applicant for a partner or spouse visa
  • Have been a sponsored partner or spouse themselves, within the last 5 years
  • Sponsor someone who was your partner at the time, if you have been granted a Woman at Risk visa
  • Have been granted a 143 Contributory Parent visa within the last 5 years

What Are The Benefits?

This visa allows entry and exit of Australia as often as wanted. It also allows the successful applicant to study and/or work in Australia, though it does not offer access to any government funding.

The Prospective Marriage (Fiancé) visa also allows for the visa applicant to include dependent children and other dependent relatives on the application, as long as they fulfil the requirements of being a member of the family unit.

This visa allows the couple to apply for a Partner visa in Australia after the marriage has taken place.

Visa Charges

Please refer to the immigration official website for visa application charges.

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