116 Visa: CARER VISA

The subclass 116 visa or ‘Carer Visa’ is a permanent residence visa that allows you stay in Australia to provide care to someone with a long-term medical condition who does not have reasonable access to care options in Australia. The person you care for must be your relative, or your relative’s family member who lives with them.

Who Is Eligible For A 116 Visa?

The applicant must:

  • be outside Australia when you apply and when the Department decide your application
  • be sponsored by your relative or their partner for your first 2 years in Australia
  • provide care for a relative, or a member of their family who lives with them, who has no reasonable access to care in Australia

What Are The Other Requirements For A 116 Visa?

Among other things, you must be willing and able to provide ongoing substantial care and support for your sponsoring relative or the family member who lives with them. 

To show this, you should fully understand your sponsor’s medical condition and what their care needs are.

You must be sponsored by an eligible sponsor, and the Department must approve the sponsorship.

The application must be lodged offshore. If the applicant is in Australia, he can apply for the onshore Carer visa, subclass 836. 

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