Why Choose Arc Migration

Ehsan Azadi
Founder And Principal At Arc Visa & Migration

Ehsan Azadi has been admitted as a lawyer with a Juris Doctor and an MBA. He is also an accredited immigration agent and registered with the Australian Department of Home Affairs. Ehsan Azadi has worked across multiple sectors as a director and principal advisor, and has first-hand experience as a migrant for over 35 years. Between his professional and personal experience, he has a unique understanding of legal technicalities and also the human side of immigration.

Ehsan has instilled Arc Visa & Migration with his own personal philosophy of providing service with professionalism and integrity. Arc Migration prides itself on its honesty and fairness as a business. While all decisions for granting of a visa remain with the Australian Government, our lawyers and agents as experts in the immigration law always endeavour to give our clients the best chance of success.

Why Choose Arc Visa & Migration

  1. Our local knowledge and experience in the migration field
  2. Our legal qualifications as lawyers and as registered migration agents
  3. Our work ethics of being clear, straight forward and reliable
  4. Our commitment to do our utmost to resolve your immigration concerns with the strongest solutions
  5. Our professional approach to prepare visa application files and legal submissions that leads to less delays and better outcomes
  6. Our friendly approach that makes immigration simple for you

By choosing to engage us as your Australian registered migration agent you will significantly improve your chances of success throughout the visa and migration process. Our primary priority is assisting you with our immigration legal expertise.

When you choose Arc Visa & Migration you know that you have a committed team of lawyers and immigration agents working for you.

Cost Structure

Initial 15 minutes appointments: The initial face to face consultation on general immigration issues is FREE. Book online.

Contracts: Our contracts are fixed cost contracts unless expressly mentioned otherwise in the contract.

Arc Visa & Migration

Professional expertise and genuine care.

If you are in search of a reliable, professional, value for money and hassle free visa application for your family and friends, then ArcMigration is the right one for you.…
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